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The majority of the patients who visit our clinic are those whose complaints have not diminished although they have been taken various medical care for years.The patients were treated according to the body regions where they had complaints but were not cured because the main reason of the illness was not treated.

Mostly the cause of an illness is located far away the from patient’s complaints. A complementary approach is taken for the diagnosis and therapy of these patients.If the main cause of the complain is not found and the medical care has not been given according to the main cause of the disorder,no matter what therapy is given,the patient will not be cured.That’s why first of all,a detailed history and physical examination must be taken.In addition, Applied Kinesiology test will be performed by using the patient’s muscles in order to detect the real cause of the disorder that underlies.From the view of Neural Therapy,Osteopathy and Clinical Physico Neuro Immunology,the patient’s evaluation and examination is completed.

Neural Therapy,Osteopathy and Acupuncture is used seperately or together for the treatment. Clinical Physco Immunology is used as a support for the therapy.By using a complementary approach,the reasons of the illness will be eliminated and a stable cure be maintained in a short time.