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Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a medical therapeutic method used for pain and illness via enjektion of local anesthetics to tissues , autonomic ganglia, acupuncture points, scars and trigger points.

It shows its effects by diagnosing and treating illness caused by autonomic nervous system

Local disturbances called interference fields, react on autonomic nervous system by sending confusing signals and electrophysiologic unstability.

Interference fields ocur after physical and psycological trauma.  An example for traumas are surgical scars (extraction of a tooth) or loss of a beloved one or close relative

The autonomic nervous system, in response to an interference field, can cause disturbence in a remote part of the body. For example an appendix scar may cause headache (migraine) for a long time.

Myofacial pain and other painful syndromes may ocur. Visceral functions may be disturbed. Finally; asthma, angina, irritable bowel syndrome, menstruel dysfunction and all the musculoskeletal diseases that affect the autonomic nervous system may acur.

Treatment; diluted ( % 0.4- 0.5 ) solution of procaine or lidocaine is used on painful areas, vertebra line and interference fields.

The curative effect is longer than of a local anesthetics and with repetitive treatments in interference fields are eliminated.