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applied kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology; is an integrated diagnosis and treatment method that evaluates biochemical and mantal aspects of health by using manuel muscle testing.

Diseases in the body may be result of mental, biochemical and structural dysfunction (disbalances)

The biochemical problems usually don’t restrict themselves in their own limits. The connective tissue weakness which is the result of biochemical disorders, may cause structural problems.

Deficiency or inbalance of amino acids, fat, vitamins and minerals may cause emotionel disorders. These patients have been treated for years with antidepressant drugs.

We can detect biochemical  changes in the body by applying force on muscle groups and differ helpful and harmful biochemical materials.

By using Applied Kinesiology testing using muscles, aids the practitioner for the choosing appropriate treatment modalities for the patient.  It is an interactive treatment method and complementery . With comprimising biochemical and mental concepts, it helps improve health.